President Saalva Kiir, South Sudan

Saalva kiir is the president of the worlds newest nation. In February 2012 I was asked by Channel 4 to assist in the production of an investigative documentary about living in this impoverished but hopeful nation. I had the fortune to meet a number of influential personalities as well as the President including Hollywood actor George Clooney who is involved in the satellite Sentinel project which uncovers atrocities in North and South Sudan.

Opium Poppy, Afghanistan

As part of the ISAF inAfghanistan i documented the mission set to 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment, who as Regional Command South Manoeuvre Support group, had one of the most varied and interesting roles in the Afghan theatre of war. This involved raids against Taliban strongholds, Peace support roles and stability operations, supporting the fragile government.

Kabul and the Silk Road

The Silk Road has captured the fascination of historians, geographers and storytellers for centuries. In 2004 I spent 5 months hitchhiking from the UK, through some of the most dangerous countries on earth, to India. Afghanistan was just one remarkable stopover. This is the subject of my first book, Eastern Approaches.

Last of the Lemurs

Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island and home to the legendary Lemur, but with 90% of the original rainforest now gone- destroyed by mankind, these animals are almost extinct. I wrote about conservation efforts after an expedition to become the first team to walk across the Island.